Myths and Misunderstandings of Nutrition

 Recently the ever-so talented JLo challenged others to let go of carbs for 10 days. She is one of my favorite celebrities and I respect her talent and work ethic tremendously. Perhaps that is why I was so disappointed to see her promote this challenge. Severely limiting your carbohydrates can wreak havoc on your health. While experts vary in the n...

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A Metamorphosis

 Learn how to boost your body esteem and self-esteem for not only yourself, but your children and loved ones. Join me in creating a metamorphoses for children and their future so their spirits soar like a butterfly! Order my new book Body Esteem: Piece of Cake and Peace of Mind and receive 10 complimentary recipes.

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Train Your Brain

 Do you ever lose your cell phone and have to call yourself to locate it? In my new book Body Esteem: Piece of Cake and Peace of Mind I explore the benefits of exercise and the positive impact it has on your psychological and physical health. Can you improve your brain health as you age gracefully? Absolutely! Psychologists have discovered that bra...

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Daddy's Little Girl

 Have you ever received or given a butterfly kiss? It is an affectionate gesture made by fluttering the eyelashes against someone’s skin or eyelashes. Butterfly kisses date back to the mid to late 19th century and in 1863 a story was written in an English literary magazine Cornhill where a butterfly kiss was used to describe a gentle, imperceptible...

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Do Not Fear the Freshman Fifteen

 One of my memories at my alma mater, Texas A&M University was that I was invited by a classmate to go to yell practice and the football game. I was not familiar with the traditions and quickly learned that every time we scored you kissed your date and the score was 50-0, A&M’s favor! I spent most of the time in the ladies room and to this...

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