Money Bags....Handbags that is

Created by susan on 2019-05-31 18:01:07


International travel and high-end retail provide aesthetic curiosity for both fashionistas and travel bugs! If you live in the United States and are traveling to Western Europe handbags can be an economical investment. Designer bags differ in price depending on which currency you are using so use the app on your phone to convert the currency to US dollars. 

If you factor in your value added tax referred to as VAT, which requires filling out forms at the time of purchase and departure from the airport in both continental Europe and Great Britain, you can receive a refund from 5% to 25% on your luxury bag. My husband is an Englishmen and the unpredictability in the political climate over the Brexit vote has weakened the British pound, which makes the UK a great place to purchase a lovely bag.

There are so many designer handbags to choose from such as Yves St. Laurent, Dior, Gucci, and Hermes’s. My favorite is Nancy Gonzales, eponymous with vibrant colors and luxurious textures and known for the use of precious skins like python and alligator and distinct color palettes. Her inspiration came from her native country, and celebrates the natural beauty and rich culture of Colombia. Her bags offer exclusivity, authenticity and timelessness. But, many expensive purses rarely go on sale. 

However, there are many luxury consignment shops online that are great options for shopping for a handbag like RealReal where you can earn 80% off bags priced over $5K and 70% on bags over $1K. Although I wear Chanel makeup products I have never purchased a Chanel handbag. My salesperson said some women purchase one and later sell it online and use the money to get a new one. Very business savvy!

European sites such as MatchesFashion often have lower prices on designer handbags because it is made in the same country and there are lower import and duties taxes, which makes them more affordable. Kate Spade bags are so whimsical and are moderately priced and you may find a bargain in Kate Spade Boutiques. Other purses that are moderately priced are Tory Burch and Michael Kor. Pair a low end handbag from Dillard’s or Target with an outfit that is more moderately priced.

Goyard, a Paris-based trunk and fine leather goods maker since 1853 is opening a boutique in Highland Park Village in Dallas and it is known for selling handbags that retain their value like heirlooms. It is the brand carried by royalty, socialites, and celebrities. Historically, it was only sold in New York at Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys. Depending on your budget it may be a good investment for a handbag that you can carry for a lifetime or resale. 

Money bags….Handbags that is and savings:

  • Pre-owned bags that offer a guarantee of authenticity such as on ebay are a viable option.
  • Peacock was a seasonal color and hot new hues will eventually be discounted.
  • Some retail stores offer a discount if you download their app on your phone.
  • Shop at stores like Saks, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus or Kohl’s during their annual sales for significant savings on bags.
  • My beautiful friend Gail saves her gift certificates from her birthday, anniversary and Hanukah and invests in a lovely handbag.
  • If you apply for a credit card you may receive a discount on items that you initially purchase.

I buy Ralph Lauren handbags on sale and unique brands that you cannot find in the states when I am traveling. I’ve had some bags for over 30 years and I recently had pockets added to one. A reputable cobbler can repair or make your bag more modern by changing the color. One advantage of buying less expensive handbags is you can use purse inserts and quickly change to another bag. Store your handbags in purse bags or plastic containers for styling your wardrobe and clean them annually. Care for your handbags and shop wisely and they will last for years to come. Take a moment to post a picture of great deals for finding handbag!