It's in the Bag...Handbags that is

Created by susan on 2019-05-28 20:49:41


Handbags have become so en vogue and they are a great accessory that can enhance your body esteem. While my husband was conducting business in Singapore, I visited a crocodile farm in hopes of finding a great deal on alligator handbags! Although the crocodiles were behind an aluminized chain link fence they kept snapping at my feet. On my left foot I have two toes that are grown together and I refer to them as “Tootsie”! I wore sandals and I almost lost Tootsie that day! Yikes! You could purchase inexpensive crocodile leather goods in a myriad of colors afterwards, but I was so rattled that I just wanted to get out of there! I came away empty handed without a luxurious crocodile handbag!

When it comes to handbags, select ones that are innovative and reflect your personality. In lieu of purchasing or leasing a handbag like everyone else consider purses that you actually like that flatter your figure. If you like some of the bags that are trending such as the clear, neon, or woven ones purchase them based on your preferences and not because they are in style. Be your own trend setter! Handbags that accentuate your body type are equally as important as other accessories like shoes or jewelry. Handbags can give you an elongating effect and flaunt your favorite features (#FYFF). 

Here are some techniques for “it’s in the bag”….handbags that is:

  • Structured bags give you a sleek silhouette if you have a curvaceous figure.
  • The actual size of your handbag should be in proportion to your figure.
  • If you are tall and slender most handbags work well except small ones that enlarge your body.
  • Optically, width creates a shorter frame so petite women need to be cognizant of this fact.
  • Long and vertical handbags elongate the appearance of your torso and body.

When it comes to functionality and styling your wardrobe with your handbags consider your lifestyle:

Totes: This handbag allows easy access to your phone, I-pad, lipstick, etc. Prices vary so factor in either a long-term investment or a seasonal style. Some of the “cheap and cheerful ones” as they say in England are my favorites! A brightly colored or printed tote adds diversity and a pop of color to monochromatic color tones. Personalize your tote with scarves, key chains, charms, and monograms! Be your own kind of beautiful!

Clutches: My husband gave me a lovely clutch that resembles piano keys since I am a pianist and love playing classical music. Now only if the proximity on the keys matched my actual piano keys I could practice more. Play around with your accessories and be whimsical!

Backpacks: I love backpacks when traveling because they are so spacious. An important safety feature that I learned in South America is to wear your backpack in the front of your body and give it a big hug to avoid theft.

Wallets and Wristlits: If you want your hands somewhat free as you run errands these fit the bill…no pun intended! Crossbody and belt bags also provide this feature.

Bucket and Hobo: These stylish handbags have unique shapes, but you may want to add pouches or cases for specific items (i.e., sunglasses) for accessibility!

Small Top Handle Bags: Although these adorable bags have become popular, I prefer investing in a larger bag that I will wear more frequently because they can be very costly. To each her own!

Stay tuned for my next blog entitled “Money Bags….Handbags that is!” You will find innovative methods on how to become an educated consumer with a price that is right for your budget! Please post a picture of your favorite handbag and tell us what you love about it?