How to Make a Splash This Summer

Created by susan on 2019-03-29 18:26:13

Growing up in a small town in Texas, my parents always bought season swim tickets for us during the summer months. My mother would say that it was the best money she spent on her kids for summer entertainment as we could go swimming anytime the city pool was open. As a child, I could not wait for summer to arrive and I remember as an adolescent that you looked forward to the boys jumping in all around you to make a huge splash. The girls thought they really liked us when this happened! But, as we began to mature there were times that the seasonal pressure to reveal your body in a swimsuit can be a cue that there are some things you want to work on. Okay – that’s legitimate as long as you aren’t shaming yourself or are hiding. 

I recommend a dress rehearsal in advance in your swimsuit and accessories and take personal inventory of how you look and feel since this will minimize the anxiety beforehand. You may choose to leave on your sarong, shorts, or cover-up until you go into the water if you feel more comfortable. Over time the process will be more conducive for you to relax and not be as self-punitive about your body as you improve your body esteem.

Make an effort to recall your favorite things about summer: water sports like sailing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, playing volleyball on the beach (EQ), firing up the grill or having a clam bake or homemade ice cream (NQ), firework displays, visits to our favorite parks, or watching your children learn to swim (PQ)! I really encourage you to be comfortable and confident and if you aren’t quite there yet, here are some things you can do to help to quell the inner critic and develop a systematic plan on how to flatter your favorite features and become your own stylist – even in swimwear. 

  • Most people go up in sizes and vary in sizes for their upper and lower body so shop where you can accommodate your beautiful body.
  • Incorporate the philosophy “know thy own body” where you do not seek out validation for your body image from others (i.e., “Do you think I look fat in this swimsuit?”), but learn to validate your body image.
  • # Flatter your favorite features and showcase your silhouette (i.e., wear a French cut swimsuit for your gazelle legs or highlight your décolletage).
  • Camouflage the areas where you may have body dissatisfaction (i.e., ruching in the stomach area after a caesarian surgery or color blocking as your secret weapon).
  • Play around with your accessorizes: cat sunglasses, a jewel toned sarong, a peek a boo cover up, sandals with seashell tassels, a colorful beach towel, and a vintage 70’s style hat.
  • Protect your skin with sunscreen, but consider a fake bake suntan!
  • Foster self-esteem and self-efficacy so you can boost your body esteem!

Take a moment to answer or engage with others on the following questions:

What memories do you recall as a child in terms of your favorite summer? Why?

What do you look forward to this summer? Why?

Do you have a favorite swimsuit and was it your favorite due to great fit, color, or style?

What will you do differently to “make a splash this summer”?