Fashion - Be Your Own Stylist

Created by susan on 2019-01-20 23:24:09

I have always had a passion for fashion and I’ve had the honor and privilege to chair fashion shows and charity luncheons.  I love to style my own clothes, but I also love to hang out in my PJs and sweats with my husband  and  our adorable kitten, Biggles! As many of us begin to anticipate Valentine’s Day, winter formals, galas, and weddings we often feel anxious about not only what we should wear, but our body image as well.   
The thrill of fashion has always been a part of Hollywood. With the Academy Awards coming up and the Golden Globes behind us this is an award season when we all get a few ideas of what we might want to adopt into our own wardrobes. But when we begin to compare ourselves to the high bar of Hollywood, we often experience disappointment,  particularly in our pursuit of becoming thinner. I challenge you to implement a more modern approach to body esteem and being fashion forward which is to embrace autonomy.  
I absolutely have confidence in your ability to be your own stylist (#BYOS). Do you ever look into your closet and claim you have nothing to wear? Utilize your creative temperament and incorporate the fundamental pieces interchangeably so it expands your wardrobe. Pin or photograph all of your outfits so you have this at your fingertips! The possibilities are endless but remember that “less is more” and if your accessories are excessive remove some pieces until you find the look you are after. The objective is to learn to trust your judgement, style your own clothes, and feel empowered. Once you do that, it makes it easier to “adopt” periwinkle as the color you want to add for spring, or new pair of brilliant emerald green earrings to access the styles you see, but that you make uniquely your own. 
Sorting through all of your clothes can unearth lots of hidden gems. Weight variances happen for most women whether it be weight gain due to having a baby, your monthly cycle or perimenopause and menopause. Similar to a curator of a museum, you are the curator of your own closet and your collection of clothing. The actual act of decluttering your closet and systematically reorganizing it into a range of sizes that adapt to your weight changes introduces body positivity.  
Focus on flaunting your favorite features  in regard to your body! Sometimes we become so preoccupied with our figure flaws that we lose sight of our body regions that we need to showcase.  This is one of the primary tasks that professional stylists focus on.  They match each client’s best features with a designer, style, fabric or feature that showcases their best. Learn to flaunt your favorite features or give the illusion with my suggestions below: 
Get Waisted: The wrap dress was initially designed by Diane von Furstenberg in the 70’s and not only is it the ultimate garment in elegance and sophistication, it is one of the most infallible garments for a woman’s body. The wrap dress is waist-centric and defines the smallest point on the body with a fabric tied belt, making it one of the best options for “getting waisted.” Accentuate your waist with various belts like chain belts, thin or thick belts, and a rope belt. Similar to the peplum style, fit and flare silhouettes feature demure drop waists and flirty hemlines to accentuate the body at the waistline. A blazer that is well-tailored with a nipped waist, maximum darting and seaming creates a structured silhouette that can work miracles for a feminine feature. 
In essence, this season redefine the standard of beauty and vow to not succumb to the societal expectation, but embrace individuality and physical and emotional well-being. Your spirits will soar and you will exude self-confidence and body esteem!