Be Your Own Style Icon for the Academy Awards

Created by susan on 2019-02-19 18:17:14

Be Your Own Style Icon for the Academy Awards 

We love to hear the words “make a memorable impression” when it comes to our sense of style. What I love even more is for each of us to become your own stylist (#BYOS) and dress to flatter your favorite features (#FYFF). Learning to showcase your silhouette will boost your body esteem and help you become more autonomous. A woman who exudes self-confidence in how she carries herself and dresses in her signature style is so lovely. Afterall, it is the time of the year for the Academy Awards, winter formals and galas.

The Oscar’s represent the hottest red carpet event and the award ceremony has been the venue for many fashion icons. The best actresses seem to inspire us with the most glamourous couture designer gowns imaginable. Let’s reminisce of some of the most memorable moments. Emma Stone took her cues from the 40’s era with her golden flapper gown for La La Land. In the world of fashion everything that’s old is new again! Natalie Portman won the Oscar for her brilliant performance in “Black Swan” and she looked amazing in an amethyst gown designed by Rodarte. The elegant neckline accentuated her growing baby bump and she looked radiant! Sandra Bullock looked stunning in a Marchesa silver metallic gown and the pop of pink lipstick enhanced the monochromatic look. Jennifer Lawrence was draped in a Dior strapless gown with a large mermaid silhouette which may have caused her to trip on her way to accept the award. That is what we all love about her is that she can roll with the punches and does not take herself too seriously.

Clearly, we can get our inspiration from Hollywood or others when it comes to our fashion quotient (FQ), but I challenge you to embrace your individuality. Perhaps you do not know what your signature style is, but as you are learning it is important to not seek out others validation for your body or style. It often develops serendipitously so look to your environment to allow this to evolve. The following suggestions may guide you on your fashion journey: 

  • Make a commitment to yourself that you will no longer attempt to emulate others’ style, but develop your own.
  • Take inventory of color pallets and designs (i.e., jewel tones and contemporary designs that are edgy) that reflect your personality and that flatter your figure.
  • Identify specific body regions where you have body dissatisfaction (i.e., wear ruching to counteract your stomach after cesarean surgery) and body satisfaction (i.e., consider wearing cold shoulder, sleeveless, or cap sleeve blouses to show off your toned arms).
  • Complete a fashion collage (#FC) where you pin specific articles of clothing that will improve your body esteem and flatter you favorite features (#FYFF) (i.e., leather or suede leggings to profile your gazelle legs).
  • Be cognizant of the fact that fashion often has an immediate impact on your body image and it can serve as your secret weapon to camouflage or enhance specific body regions (i.e., spanx provide a smooth and sleek silhouette for body hugging and fitted garments).
  • Educate yourself on styling your wardrobe through online apps, websites, resources like InStyle, and my new book Body Esteem: Piece of Cake and Peace of Mind.

You may seek out a consult with a personal stylist if you feel uncomfortable styling your wardrobe to acquire more knowledge. However, I believe that you can become your own stylist (#BYOS) and be fashion forward.